Voovio Labs

leveraging the power
of photographs

Enhanced Reality Technology

Enhanced Reality (ER) is a proprietary technology that creates authentic digital replicas of reality with photographs. It is like a realistic video game: interactive and natural.

ER is the world’s only visual format that creates interactive 3D replicas of real places using photographs and enables affordable simulation. We morph still pictures together so that you have the feeling of moving naturally and seamlessly within an exact 3D replica of reality.

ER is a completely new and unique format because it combines 6 attributes:
realism, natural movement, interactivity, ease of implementation, ease of updating and it works on any device.

Interactivity: making reality actionable

We develop authentic ways you interact with our digital replicas. Our goal is to make interaction as natural and realistic as possible. Users feel as though they are actually operating equipment they see on the screen.

Enhanced View

Make contextual information accessible for the operator
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Explore flows


Interact with instruments in a realistic way
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Detailed Inspection

Take a closer look at components and machinery
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Digital Interactive Manual™

We turn written manuals into Digital Interactive Manuals (DIMs), bringing written documentation to life.

Field operators have always relied on thick written manuals describing concepts, functionality and procedures. The consequences are well known: obsolete manuals covered in dust, costly training courses, unplanned shutdowns and poorly executed procedures.  

DIMs are an essential tool for field operators - all the information they need, when they need it. Immediate access to information and visual certainty ensure productive and reliable operations.